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About Doodlebooth

Doodlebooth is a portraiture service. Give me a place at your event and I’ll draw any of your guests who are interested. I’ll scan the drawings, compile them digitally, and your guests will get to take the original home. Doodlebooth is perfect for a wide range of events: Think weddings, corporate events, birthday parties … the list goes on. You name it and I’ll be there!

Jana Kinsman | Doodlebooth

Who’s Jana?

I’ve been illustrating my entire life. I’d say my style evolved from both Western- and Eastern-syle cartooning, and I’ve been heavily influenced by both pop culture and fashion illustrations.

My fascination with drawing people has culminated with Doodlebooth, an idea hatched while sipping a mimosa and drawing friends at a Christmas party.

You can contact me at doodleboothme@gmail.com or call/text 630-234-5347!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this?

I’m an illustrator who specializes in portraits. Doodlebooth is a service where I come to your event, have a place at a table with chairs for subjects, and let people sit for a portrait drawing. I scan the illustration using a portable scanner, giving me a digital copy and giving the subjects the original to keep forever. Shortly after the event I provide the digital copies to you through a digital gallery, which you can then share with your guests. From there they can share their doodle portraits via social media. It’s like a caricature, but very non-traditional — and totally fun.

What is doodlebooth not?

Doodlebooth is not an actual physical booth; it’s a lovely sit-down experience between me and the guests who want to have their portrait done. Other things doodlebooth is not: A photography service, a photo booth, or a hyper-photo-realistic portraiture service. There are some excellent photos on the homepage that represent what the results look like, as well as in the sample gallery.

Can I see more examples of your portraits?

Absolutely. Feel free to view the drawings in the sample gallery.

Where are you based? Do you travel for events?

I’m based out of Chicago, IL! And yes, I do travel for events. I do all of my own booking to save you time. I’ll charge travel expenses — flight and/or car rental, accommodations, and meals — to you at cost. If your event is in Chicago, there are no travel fees.

What are your rates, and how do you charge for your service?

For all rates and booking details, check out the rates page!

How far ahead in advance do we need to book you?

It all depends on where you are and what my calendar looks like. The further in advance the better, but if you’ve got a last-minute request email me at doodleboothme@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do!

If you're going to be at our event, what do you need from us?

A place at a table (minimum 3′ x 3′), a chair for me, and two chairs for subjects. Good lighting is a plus if your venue is going to be dark.

What does your setup look like?

It’s simple: Me and a stack of paper! I also have some business cards, 2 framed examples that lay flat, and a small sign that says “Hand Drawn Portraits”

What kind of prep time do you need?

I’ll show up 30 minutes early to get situated. I don’t have much prep, but it’s nice to have padding in case we need to figure something out.

How many portraits can you do in an hour?

Since each portrait is doodled by hand with care, I would say approximately 20-22 portraits an hour.

What size are the portraits?

For one person, I use a 4“×7” page. For two people, I use a 5×7 page. Both formats fit well into frames!

What does the online gallery look like?

Have a look at the sample gallery!

How can I (or my guests) use the portraits?

You may use them on the internet, sharing them via social media outlets or using them as profile pictures. All I ask is that you cite that the drawing was done by Jana Kinsman at doodlebooth.me. If you’d like to use your portrait for commercial purposes, we can discuss that!

Past Clients

Chicago Reader
TimeOut Chicago
W Hotels
The Land of Nod


“Doodlebooth is a wonderful, unique experience. My husband and I met Jana at the Renegade Craft Fair and knew immediately that we wanted to have her Doodlebooth at our wedding reception. It was easy to get the process started. Jana was very professional, clear, and timely in her correspondence up to the big day. And I was happy to have something different than the usual photobooth often seen at weddings.

“Jana was warm and engaging as she drew the sweetest portraits of each participant. Everyone loved taking the doodles home as a memento and Jana scanned each photo so that we could have digital copies of all of the photos. Plus, it was so fun to see my guests captured in this quirky doodle form. I highly recommend having Doodlebooth at weddings or any gathering where you want to give your guests a memorable experience.”

Esther and Jonathan, Wedding Client

“Here’s what I think about Jana Kinsman … well let me start by saying that she’s a real treat. Her smile is infectious and her delightful personality puts her at the top of the folks I would hire again in a heartbeat. And did I mention that her drawings are so frickin’ adorable that you and your guests will all say ‘awwweee’ and make them your Facebook profile photos the second you get home? She’s even better than a photobooth, she’s a doodlebooth!”

Dawn Hancock, Founder and Managing Director of Firebelly Design

“We loved having Jana at our wedding! The ‘Doodlebooth’ was a great alternative to a traditional photobooth. Jana was super easy to work with and our guests LOVED their doodles. We also appreciated that we could download each of the drawings after the event. We’ve already framed and hung ours at home! If you are looking for a fun, original way to entertain guests at your event, we highly recommend using Jana.”

Julia and Phil, Wedding Client